Enhance Your
POS Experience

Enhance Your
POS Experience

Custom Solutions Designed for Your Business

When you have a unique POS challenge, or want to improve the efficiency of your check out flow, we bring over 30 years of experience to design, build and install the perfect solution to meet your exacting needs.

We bring our collective experience in economics, human factors and industrial design, rapid prototyping and unparalleled retail knowledge to create the right solution.

We invest the time to understand your business, your challenges, and then partner with you to develop an innovative and creative solution – from inspired custom design to rapid prototyping, and high quality production.

Delivering Results

  • Our custom solutions allow you to get precisely what you expect for your unique needs. No compromise.
  • You have the flexibility to customize the customer experience to fit your needs.
  • Custom designs can help improve workflow for maximum efficiency, ergonomics and productivity.
  • Custom solutions empower you to optimize the security of your point of sale environment.

Proven Processes

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Insights and Analysis

We work with our clients to understand their needs, current restrictions, and put together detailed requirements.

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Ideation and Concepts

Based on the requirements, we work on custom solutions, sometimes leveraging existing products when pertinent. We then undergo an ideation stage where we design concepts that satisfy those needs.

Rapid prototype icon

Rapid Prototype

Upon approval of the concept, we produce a rapid prototype to ensure that the concept is sound and present it for client approval.

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Production-Ready Prototypes

We manufacture a production-ready prototype. This prototype is typically used for preliminary testing and final client approval. This can be an entire checkout lane, or custom stand.

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Production and Installation

If not further modifications are required, we proceed into full production and delivery.

Rapid Prototyping – Innovation Delivered Fast

Rapid prototyping is a process of making digital ideas a reality. We work from a computer aided design concept and use it to create a physical model. This process allows us to design and test concepts quickly without the lead times and costs of traditional prototypes.

From our world-class in-house facility, we bring together the proven conceptual expertise of our designers with today’s latest prototyping techniques and capabilities to create solutions built to the most exacting standards: yours.

Some of Our Custom Solutions

Learn How Our Existing Designs Can Help Protect Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

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