Clear Bumper Rail (P1216)

Protect your digital signage

Help protect your electronic shelf labels with the Clear Bumper Rail. It is a simple solution to keep your investment from becoming a detriment.

Clear Bumper Rail - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

Clear plastic construction to ensure the visibility of your labels

Clear Bumper Rail - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

Compatible with any retail shelf system

The Clear Bumper Rail acts as a barrier between your electronic shelf labels and direct cart impact. It is designed to deflect impacts while being flexible enough for you to service the labels with ease. They come in a variety of lengths to fit your retail experience needs.

“The bumper rails are integral to protecting your electronic shelf labels”

John Smith, President, Acme Corporation

Avoid downtime

The purpose of electronic shelf labels are to efficiently manage price changes in an instant. It is no longer required to have to manually re-label your store. The caveat is that the electronic shelf labels are more susceptible to damage. Using the Clear Bumper Rail, accidental abuse downtime can be mitigated. This way your customer can shop effortlessly.

The Maintech advantage

With the Clear Bumper Rail

Without the Clear Bumper Rail

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-check-36x36-1

Reduces damage to the electronic shelf labels

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-x-36x36-1

Incidental contact can damage your electronic shelf labels

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-check-36x36-1

Deters theft of electronic shelf labels

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-x-36x36-1

Easily accessible for theft or vandalism

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-check-36x36-1

Easy to clean

Clear Bumper Rail - comparison-x-36x36-1

Have to replace the label

Design process

We collaborate with your team to create the right solution for any technology you are leveraging, using our products which are designed and built in North America. Our professional team with over 30 years of experience will help from the early planning stages, through the design and engineering phase with our industrial designers, right through to installation.

Clear Bumper Rail - icon-north-america-96x96-1

North American Manufactured

Clear Bumper Rail - icon-uni-accessibility-96x96-1

Universal Accessibility

Clear Bumper Rail - icon-ergonomics-2-96x96-1

Ergonomics & Human Factor Centric

Boost your sales, not your overhead

Electronic shelf labels are an investment in efficiency and accuracy. It would be foolhardy not to protect them from the harshness of the retail world. With a clear and simple to install design, you can ensure your investment pays dividends.

Consult with one of our friendly team members

We’re here to help you and your business with any requests, questions or details regarding the implementation of our solutions within your storefront’s checkout area.

Custom solutions

At Maintech, we offer large custom design solutions to ergonomically accommodate your store’s entire checkout process needs. Every project is specially analysed along with the operating environment in order to determine the best approach to improve productivity, convenience, safety, and security while simultaneously custom suiting your every need.

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