Acrylic Protective Barriers

Unobtrusive solutions

Maintech are innovators in the point of sales space, and especially where customer-staff interactions are necessary. Acrylic Protective Barriers provide a simple solution in keeping checkout interactions as easy and as safe as possible for both parties involved.

Can be customized to fit your counter space

Can be free standing or hard mounted to the counter

A transaction hole for safe customer interaction

Protects you and your customers

The clear Acrylic Protective Barrier is assembled with minimal fasteners for quick installation. This allows for safe face to face contact with minimal downtime.

In-store support

When face-to-face interactions are needed, protective barriers are essential for adapting existing retail environments to the new normal. It ensures the customer gets the service they need as safely as possible.

The Maintech advantage

With the Acrylic Protective Barriers

Reduces direct health hazard transmissions

Can be customized for any retail environment

Can be customized for any retail environment

Without the Acrylic Protective Barriers

Does not reduce exposure to health hazards

Detrimental to the customer’s experience

Can expose customer’s to harmful pathogens

Design process

We collaborate with your team to create the right solution for any technology you are leveraging, using our products which are designed and built in North America. Our professional team with over 30 years of experience will help from the early planning stages, through the design and engineering phase with our industrial designers, right through to installation.

North American Manufactured

Universal Accessibility

Ergonomics & Human Factor Centric

Adapt to the new normal

Be ready with our universal designs to offer your customers and employees a safe environment to move forward.

Consult with one of our friendly team members

We’re here to help you and your business with any requests, questions or details regarding the implementation of our solutions within your storefront’s checkout area.

Custom solutions

At Maintech, we offer large custom design solutions to ergonomically accommodate your store’s entire checkout process needs. Every project is specially analysed along with the operating environment in order to determine the best approach to improve productivity, convenience, safety, and security while simultaneously custom suiting your every need.

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