Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads

Fleet organization

Mobile payments are a must in today’s climate but when they are not out in the field, that investment needs somewhere to be charged and stored for its next deployment. The Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads is the ideal solution for fleet level organization and management of PIN pads and other terminals.

CSA-approved power delivery

Heavy duty steel construction

Lockable access

The Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads is constructed in two configurations, large and small. The large is a floor standing model that has 3 heavy duty shelves each with its own power strip. There are a total of 12 outlets per strip making it possible to charge up to 36 individual terminals. The small is a wall mounted model with 2 heavy duty shelves to charge up to 24 individual terminals. When the PIN pads are not in use they can be locked in the cage with a lock of choice.

Grab and go

Being ready at a moment’s notice is critical for mobile payments. Any delay could cause a disruption in scheduling that can cascade into a larger problem. The Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads ensures that each device is ready and in a designated location for immediate deployment.

The Maintech advantage

With the Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads

Can charge multiple terminals simultaneously

Lockable cage

Dedicated location to organize and track devices

Without the Secure Charging Station for PIN Pads

Power management of multiple devices becomes more difficult

Higher potential of lost or misplaced terminals

Problematic storage of a high volume of devices

Design process

We collaborate with your team to create the right solution for any technology you are leveraging, using our products which are designed and built in North America. Our professional team with over 30 years of experience will help from the early planning stages, through the design and engineering phase with our industrial designers, right through to installation.

North American Manufactured

Universal Accessibility

Ergonomics & Human Factor Centric

Fleet efficiency

Ensuring payment devices are charged and available for deployment, is of the utmost importance when dealing in a fleet scale. Access, power and availability can be managed with the application of the steel cages.

Consult with one of our friendly team members

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Custom solutions

At Maintech, we offer large custom design solutions to ergonomically accommodate your store’s entire checkout process needs. Every project is specially analysed along with the operating environment in order to determine the best approach to improve productivity, convenience, safety, and security while simultaneously custom suiting your every need.