Custom Design for High Security Implementation

Custom design for VeriFone Vx810 PIN pad device

Maintech was asked to customize three stands to meet Sears’ stringent security and ergonomic requirements. They needed to have their two countertop stands include a removable top which would allow the device to be handed to someone who was unable reach it. Our solution included the modification of our existing components to enable a security cable to be tethered to it allowing the reachability they required as well as the highest possible security for their device.

National rollout completed on time

As part of the design solution, we designed a custom plate specifically for Sears to increase security on the three stands. This powerful plate strengthened tamper resistance and was universal between all three stands. To this date no thefts have been reported. Once designs were completed, a national rollout was scheduled and met within six months – which included all manufacturing and drop shipping.

The Benefits

Custom designed set of stands to accommodate list of security and accessibility requirements

Completed a successful national rollout with drop shipment logistics in under 6 months

Custom design solution for additional security measures unique to client