Our Industry-First Security Solutions Has Proven 100% Successful

National update for higher counter top PIN pad security

McDonalds had used our Paymate with great success with the Ingenico i3070 PIN pad. When they updated their devices to a VeriFone Vx810 IN 2009, they wanted to increase the security for their countertop mounted stands, especially unmanned devices. We designed and implemented the first lockable security cover for the Vx810. A custom extended base plate was specially designed to fit underneath their cash registers as well. This prevented thieves from gaining complete access to either fasteners or double sided adhesives that held the stand in place.

We helped reduce annual theft from 100+ to 0

In the past on their Drive-Thru stations, thieves would cut the air-craft cable in a matter of seconds and drive away with the terminals. Realizing that the answer would not be in a larger cable, a new proprietary strap was created to substantially increase durability and cut resistance. The ballistic strap has been so successful that it has been implemented into all of Mcdonald’s drive-through product applications. The success of the ballistic strap provided an opportunity to change the cables used in ADA compliant counter stands.

Monitor – Keyboard Systems

Payment Terminal Stands

Monitor – Keyboard Systems

In 2011 another national update occurred and McDonalds changed their devices to the Ingenico iPP300 series. With the modular capability of Paymate stands, we were able to retain the main portion of the stand and retrofit new components to allow the iPP300 series devices to be used; a dramatic savings for McDonalds.

A change was also made to McDonald’s drive-through system where they began to run a multiple redundant system to prevent payment issues. Understanding their situation in that various stores could be designed differently inside, we came up with a custom design to allow for multiple configurations; single use, side-by-side tandem (daisy chain capable – infinite number), and forward stacking (up to 3 devices). This allowed for ultimate configurations to be possible depending on their space planning.

The Benefits

Industry first fully secure Vx810 stand with design provisions for PayPass contactless payment without any compromises.

Industry first tamper resistant ballistic strap for all Drive Thru lanes. Drive Thru theft has dropped from 100+ annual stolen units to 0.

National update for new Ingenico iPP300 series PIN pad device employed customization to maintain a high level of security.

Modular Drive Thru pocket system designed for multiple unit implementation helped to decrease payment down time.