180 Series Stand (PM-iPP3-S131-0000)

A retail stalwart

The 180 Series Stand is a terminal mount with basic features needed for functionality and compliance. It is designed to fit your retail environment effectively, making transactions issue free.

180 Series Stand - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

Steel construction

180 Series Stand - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

180° swivel range

180 Series Stand - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

Large diameter tube to accommodate common data cables

180 Series Stand - icon-checkmark-60x60-1

Holds and secures terminal

When the terminal is installed, the durable steel stand allows for 180° rotation and 100° tilt. Cables can also be internally managed with the large diameter tube and exit through the mouse hole or base.

“Durable and functional. The 180° stand is built to withstand any retail environment.”

John Smith, President, Acme Corporation

Reliable and durable

The function of a terminal stand is to provide a reliable checkout experience. Any issues at this point of the retail experience is undesirable. Providing simple basic features is enough to ensure the customer is not hampered upon checkout.

The Maintech advantage

With the 180 Series Stand

Without the 180 Series Stand

180 Series Stand - comparison-check-36x36-1

180° rotation

180 Series Stand - comparison-x-36x36-1

Unorganized terminal positioning and cabling

180 Series Stand - comparison-check-36x36-1

Durable steel construction

180 Series Stand - comparison-x-36x36-1

Susceptible to more damage when a terminal placement location is not defined

180 Series Stand - comparison-check-36x36-1

Large diameter tube

180 Series Stand - comparison-x-36x36-1

Lack of retail consistency can damage the brand’s reputation

Design process

We collaborate with your team to create the right solution for any technology you are leveraging, using our products which are designed and built in North America. Our professional team with over 30 years of experience will help from the early planning stages, through the design and engineering phase with our industrial designers, right through to installation.

180 Series Stand - icon-north-america-96x96-1

North American Manufactured

180 Series Stand - icon-uni-accessibility-96x96-1

Universal Accessibility

180 Series Stand - icon-ergonomics-2-96x96-1

Ergonomics & Human Factor Centric

Built to last

The 180 Series Stand wants to make sure you don’t have to worry about your equipment after it is installed. It is robust, unassuming and fully compatible with devices from brands such as Ingenico, Verifone, and Dejavoo. Popular devices include the Lane 3000, Move 5000, P400, Z6, and Z8.

180 Series Stand - logo-ingenico-400x200-1
180 Series Stand - logo-verifone-400x200-3
180 Series Stand - logo-dejavoo-400x200-2

Consult with one of our friendly team members

We’re here to help you and your business with any requests, questions or details regarding the implementation of our solutions within your storefront’s checkout area.

Custom solutions

At Maintech, we offer large custom design solutions to ergonomically accommodate your store’s entire checkout process needs. Every project is specially analysed along with the operating environment in order to determine the best approach to improve productivity, convenience, safety, and security while simultaneously custom suiting your every need.

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180 Series Stand - logo-mcdonalds
180 Series Stand - logo-costco
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