Provincial Rollout for Franchise Owners

Card payment security solution for various environments

Dairy Queen required a partner that could work closely with them to deliver a provincial rollout of a card payment system to their franchise owners on time and in budget. They called on Maintech thanks to our industry reputation for being able to design, engineer and manufacture a range of customized solutions that would work in harmony with various franchise environments.

Our ability to collaborate and innovate delivers successful launch

We collaborated with Dairy Queen and developed a customized rollout plan that would allow their franchise owners to take advantage of a hassle free, corporate recognized and recommended solution, for card payment security. The offerings included three products to satisfy all possible needs in various franchise environments; one counter top, one counter top with alarm, and one drive through.

Payment Terminal Stands

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Products

The Benefits

Corporate collaboration to setup recognized and recommended solution for franchisees

Developed custom ordering system to simplify the ordering process

Provided a simple to use and install fully secured stand and drive through product solutions